How To Be A Gentle-Man!

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Here's to My Lady reveals what women like and really want from their men--fun, friendship, romance, and most of all, respect. A must-read for everyone! Women too will learn what to expect and demand from a gentleman by reading this book. Women must and should demand that a man be a Gentleman while in her presence, if she does not, then he has no reason to be a gentleman:)

According to the results of a worldwide survey--included in this book--most women want to go back to a time when most men didn't act like jerks. Here's to My Lady shows men the way with tips on the right ways to: introduce themselves to an interesting woman; plan an unforgettable first date--even on a budget; handle rejection and keep their dignity intact; or gracefully end a relationship that isn't working out. Reveals what men of any age can do to stand out from the pack and earn respect and admiration everywhere they go. Raise a son to be a gentleman, teach your daughter how to spot a gentleman and to select...not settle..

How to meet the lady of your dreams!

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Are you having trouble meeting the women of your choice? Request a copy of my book and I will personally share my expertise on how to treat a lady and win her heart.

Why would such simple actions attrack women you never imagined would be interested in you......find out what I have to say about this. Get my personalized copy today. I promise you my book will help in your knowing how to romance a lady.

Not all men are gentlemen, but all gentlemen are men....

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Here's to My Lady gives men tips on handling everyday and special situations, including the right way to:
-- Introduce yourself to an interesting woman....
-- Plan an unforgettable first date that will lead to more....
Don't wait to find out what special ideas I have to enhance your romance between you and your lady.

  1. Sample Chapter Two.
  2. Sample Chapter Four.
  3. Sample Chapter Seven.
  4. My Favorite Chapter of All.
  5. Just his touch.......Read my Survey's

Women find it irresistible to be.......

Chapter 5 (A must Read!)

Just look at her glowing, enjoying her sensitive man.

I have written my thoughts on loving your lady at any phase of your relationship. Excitement, sensitivity, specialty gift's, all are ways of loving your lady the right way as a gentle-man would. Allow my success guide to show first hand.

Your comments are very much appreciated. Please let me know if you have enjoyed my book by signing the guestbook.
Gentlemanly yours, GENE T. REED

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