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Today Gene lives in the Los Angeles area of Southern California and pursues his longtime love of music, collecting vintage 33 1/3 long-playing records and periodly singing with musician-friends in various locations, including church.

Gene T. Reed was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland by his old-fashioned grandmother. Gene didn't miss anything two parents give to their children: he was brought up with love, faith, religion and respect, and taught to love and respect women.

This book "Here's To My Lady" --the result of his feeling that a return to those teachings would help cure what's wrong with society today-is his gift to his grandmother.

Gene T. Reed, his career background enhanced by many awards -- "Architect of Success" to John Hancock "Salesman of the Month" not to mention the Dale Carnegie Sales Training Human Relations Award, Motorola and Sun Life of America for consistently high sales performance just to name a few.

Here's To My Lady --book, is just a mere glimpse of how Gene T. Reed perceives a womans feelings and the way she should expect her man to treat her.

Take a few moments and browse Gene's website and witness the Master at his best. It's pronounced Chivalry - the gentlemanly way! Gene intends to instill in a mans heart.....the right way to become a ladies Gentle-man. Gene T. Reed is the sweetest man for the Job!


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