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1. Who should say "I love you" first, the man or the woman or does it matter anymore?

2. What would you do if you like to display affection in public, but your mate does not?

3. What would you do if over the years, you noticed that your mate's flirting has gotten worse?

4. At the beginning of your relationship, you and your mate both stated you did not want children.
Into the relationship, your mate decides they want to have a child. How would you respond?

5. Would you consider going out on a blind date?

6. You have little money but it's your anniversary.
What would you do to make this day special for your mate?

7. If your mate told you that they no longer want to go to church, how would you respond?

8. Your mate does not get along with your mother who has become
ill and will need to move in with you. How would you handle this situation?

9. Your mate's cousin has shown an interest in you. Do you tell your mate or not?

10. If you dislike pets but your mate suddenly wants to buy a pet, how would you react?

11. In the beginning of your relationship, your mate enjoyed
going places with you. What if he/she no longer wants to take you places?

12. You having been dating for many years and waiting for your mate to
pop the question, "will you marry me", but instead, your mate asked you to move in.
Would you do so or hold out for marriage?

13. Your mate does not know how to communicate and comfort you during times
when you need it. Do you seek it outside of your relationship?

14. Your mate is overly jealous. How would you stop this behavior?

15. Your mate has been offered a job out of state and wants to
take it. If asked, would you go?

16. When you met your mate, you dressed very sexy. Now your mate
has asked that you dress more conservative. Would you do so?

17. Your mate has gained weight and you are no longer attracted. What would you do?

18. Your mate has asked you to commit a crime, would you do it?

19. If you found out that your mate committed a felony, would you turn them over to the Police?

20. Do you consider emailing and becoming online friends with someone cheating?

21. Your mate does not spend money wisely. How would you handle this situation?

22. Your mate loves to spend the holidays with his relatives.
You want to spend the holidays alone with your mate. How would you handle this?

23. What is the best way to end a relationship?

24. How soon after ending a relationship do you start to date again?

25. How soon in your relationship do you feel it's OK to have intercourse?

26. If you found out that your mate goes to Gentleman's Clubs, would that be acceptable to you?

27. You don't want to be married. Would you get into a relationship
with a virgin who is waiting for marriage?

28. Would you get into a relationship with someone who was celibate?

29. If your mate asked you to spice things up by bringing in another
person into the bedroom, how would you respond?

30. If your mate told you that they are gay, but still loves you, how would you respond?

31. If you were put in a position of having to sacrifice your life
for your mate who you love deeply, would you do it?