Just read your book. It can certainly be used as a yardstick to men who appreciate "true" ladies. Keep on keeping on.

Bro. Cornelius Grant
Formerly with the Temptations,
Songwriter, Publisher and Musical Director

Gene Reed’s book, Here’s to My Lady, is an absolute delight. It is my wish that every man on the planet would read it and heed it. It is about common sense, good manners, courtesy and the art of being gracious, pulled together in a very amusing and powerful way. I laughed a lot throughout, and other times, was really touched. His stories and examples are direct and right to the point.

It made me a bit sad to think that most men don’t have a clue. The things he teaches are almost lost to our entire culture… Wise up guys, read this book! Ladies need to read it, too, so they can see what they've been missing.

I give it a big thumbs-up and 5 Stars!

Paula Swornay, Ms. Senior California 2003

Thank you for taking the time to share historical information. Historical because our nation has lost its sense of manners…. When I look at the divorce rate in America, I realize much of it is promulgated based on a lack of knowledge. I applaud you for this awesome document sketched by your life's experiences of honoring women with dignity and respect.

God Bless You,

Phyllis Johnson, Counselor
Compton Unified School District, Southern California

This book has been long awaited. I feel that someone needed to bring back these important lessons to all men, both young and old.

We need to educate our men, to promote healthy relationships and happy families. If their mother and father are happy, they have the love and tools to offer their children. Even if it saves just a few, how many happy, healthy children will benefit from this [book]?

Thanks, Gene!

Antonia Villanueva
Orlando, Florida

This book gives each reader an opportunity to understand and realize that our thoughts make us responsible for our happiness and success, sorrows and failures in love…. Society has become callous, and most women are accepting and demanding far less from their romantic relationship.

The fruits of a relationship will only ripen if both souls are stirred and touched by many of the simple elements shared in Here's to My Lady. Here’s to My Lady moves [the reader] to a new birth of appreciation, happiness and possibilities.

John M. Williams, DDS
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Reed,

I read your book and my first thought was to purchase a slew of them for the “gentlemen in the making” we work for here in Detroit….

Needless to say, I found the book refreshing and helpful. Courtesy in either sex is very attractive, and … I believe that people are ready to return to a more civilized way of treating one another, but often, they don't even know how. Most of the little boys that I work for, once taught, seem to enjoy opening the doors for their grandmothers and guardians.

Joy Cavanaugh
The Children’s Center

My mom read your book and cried and cried when she got to the Bambi part about my dad, who died about twenty years ago. She loves your book and calls you a true Southern gentleman.

She has a lot of trouble with how mean people act today. She loves babies, and when she goes to kootchy-koo them, the moms pull them away like she's going to kidnap their baby. Stuff like that really hurts her feelings, so she loves your attitude. She [also] says you are a true romantic.

I wish you could be on Oprah!  I think you have a very important message for people: kindness, manners, being nice to women -- now, more than ever, we need that.

I got this email from my daughter in college:

I’m really enjoying Gene’s book – it’s like The Rules for men!! It amazes me how men don’t get stuff like, don’t walk away when she’s crying…. I think they think that we’re like men and need room to be alone and “get over it.” Interesting.

I gave it to my high school boy and he's starting to improve his flirting. He can't believe how your advice works on girls, because he thought they would take it as "sucking up" and insincere. He told this girl "I'm looking forward to seeing you Friday..." and stopped. Then she started in on how much she wanted to see HIM, etc.

Then <name withheld> says [to me], "I was about to say "I’m looking forward to seeing you Friday … because I've been working so hard and need a break on Friday," but I thought of Gene's advice and stayed quiet. Wow, does he know what he's talking about!!!"

Yours, Jane

Between students today....instead of doing the work I need done ....I had my
nose stuck in your book.   I am only up to page 47....but I have to make a

You are going to receive a 'Gazillion' proposals of marriage. 

This is terrific stuff!  Congratulations!

Buona Fortuna,

Hi Gene,

I looked at your website. It is great. And of course the book cover is sensational. Good luck with this venture. Hope to see you on OPRAH soon.

Love, Jennifer

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