HERE'S TO MY LADY (A Gentle-Man She Has -- Or Not?)
Gene T. Reed, Author

Review Type: Book
Book Title: Here's To My Lady (A Gentle-Man She Has -- Or Not?)
Author: Gene T. Reed
Review Date: November 9, 2006

Reviews By Avis:
Wow...I just finished reading this book, and it was fantastic! "Here's To My Lady (A Gentle-Man She Has -- Or Not?)" by Author Gene T. Reed will assist men in knowing exactly what a "lady" wants. A lady like myself appreciates a man who knows how to respect and treat her like a delicate flower. My favorite chapter in this book is Chapter 4, "Create a Romance for the Lady of Your Dreams." Romance is so important in the beginning and throughout the relationship. As Gene brought out in his book, every lady is different so when it comes to romance, it is imperative that you find out what pleases her individually. Romancing your lady can be extravagant or it can be simple but charming. Gene had many responses to his online survey prior to writing his book. One of Gene's respondents wrote, "a romantic gentleman is one who is unselfish and finds all the little things in your life that brings you joy, and adds his own touch so that he also finds joy in doing those thing for you." Romancing your lady does not have to be expensive. Jewelry, carriage and limousine rides, taking her on a cruise, etc. are always special. However, it's the little things as brought out in his book that will reach her on a much intimate level. You can give her roses, send her a card, write a heartfelt letter/email, or call her just to say, "I love you". Also read her a poem that you wrote for her, compliment her, take her walking on the beach at night, open her car door, allow her to enter a room first, notice if she changes her hair or wears a new outfit, listen to her while she is talking, and so on. Men should read this book as a guide to learning how to treat a lady. This book would make an excellent gift. I definitely give this book "two thumbs up!" Here's to YOU Gene for writing it and being such a gentleman! Here's To My Lady (A Gentle-Man She Has -- Or Not?) is proudly being featured in the slide show on our website’s Featured Businesses page and on our business page at www.MySpace.com.

ABOUT HERE'S TO MY LADY (A Gentle-Man She Has -- Or Not?):

According to the results of a worldwide survey - included in this book - most women want to go back to a time when most men didn’t act like jerks. Not all men are gentlemen but all gentlemen are men. According to many women from all over the world who responded to the author's website www.HeresToMyLady.com. The author believes that a return to the old ways of courtship, courtesy, and chivalry could end the current battle of the sexes and a return to simple manners could cure what's wrong with society today. This book is for every lady to give to every male acquaintance she knows as a how-to guide to being a gentleman. It's a book every male will want and should read and read and reread many times. Learn what women like and really want from their male acquaintances: romance, fun, friendship and most of all respect. Also, get tips on handling many everyday situations.

Spurned to action by the negative, even hostile attitudes men show toward women, the author used information gathered via his website, interviews and his own experiences to write Here’s to My Lady. The author has personally used many of the suggestions in this book with success in developing friendships, relationships, getting jobs and making people around him feel comfortable. In Here’s to My Lady, he shares his expert knowledge to guide young male readers through their "dating days," and to empower older male readers to revive a long-term relationship that lacks pizzazz. Since gentlemanly behavior applies to everyone a man meets, basic courtesy and etiquette rules are also given. The book reveals what men of any age can do to stand out from the pack and earn respect and admiration everywhere they go

At each step, the author inspires the reader by explaining exactly why it is important to make the effort to change. The use of simple word choices and many bulleted lists make the information easy to read and absorb. "Character Trait Checklists" are included to help men access their current level of civil behavior traits. Along with each self-quiz, specific, in-depth suggestions help readers develop character traits women appreciate. Appendices the reader can tear out or copy provide quick reference and frequent reminders.


Gene T. Reed, AUTHOR
Gene T. Reed was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, (now residing in Los Angeles, CA by way of New York City) by his old-fashioned grandmother who gave him lots of love and teachings. She believed strongly and instilled in him that all males should be gentlemen. He was taught to respect and be courteous to all but especially to the ladies. He was also taught that women were very special and should be treated as such. His grandmother was right: Women not only deserve respect and courtesy, but they should demand it. He now shares how every man can give every woman what she wants, and how to be not just a man but a gentleman. Gene T. Reed served in the United States Air Force at the age of seventeen years old.

His grandmother died while he was in the Air Force. This book is dedicated to the memory of her teachings. He has held several sales positions and won many awards for being top salesman as well as the prestigious Human Relations Award from the Dale Carnegie Sales Training Class. He has also entertained many as a balladeer in many dinner clubs. He is now retired and still stays in touch with the music world as he spends hours listening to and collecting vintage records.

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