My Tribute to a very Special Lady!


Margaret Elizabeth Reed (My Grandmother)

My book is dedicated to my grandmother, for many reasons. A Lady indeed she, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Reed, -- who I called "Ma" - brought me up as an only child.
Ma was a stately, formal woman and strong disciplinarian who believed in strict rules of behavior. I give praise where it's due, for the deep respect I have towards women.

Although Ma was a formal woman, everyone in our neighborhood loved her and put her on a pedestal. People admired her for the way she was raising me, and they liked how I was mannerly and poised.

What my grandmother taught me was immense. You see, nothing in life comes easy, or without some pain. If it is meant to be good for you, you must hang in there and endure that pain. Then, someday, you'll be surprised at the wonderful outcome. This is perhaps the most important lesson I learned from her.

When I think about those years of growing up in a disciplined household, I wish I could see Ma once again, and hug her and kiss her and say "I love you!" and "Thank you!" for making something special out of me.

This is my Special Thank you to a wonderful Lady....My Grandmother

From your grandson "GENE T. REED"

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