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Sept 18, 2011Posted by Author


Introduction: What This Book Can Do for You . . . Women are suffering because of insensitive behavior from men. In their hearts, most long for the days when men held open doors and carried packages for them, and treated them in a romantic way. How do I know? Hundreds of women around the world told me so through my website, This book is my attempt to bring back good manners and chivalry, and to improve relationships between the sexes. Times have changed, but men and women can still treat each other as equals and professionals at work and create playful and fun romances for each other on their own time.

Chapter Outline and Sample Pages:

  • What My Grandmother and Vernon Johnson Taught Me
  • How to Meet the Lady of Your Dreams (Read a sample page)
  • The Begining of Your Romance
  • How to Create Romance for Your Lady (Read a sample page)
  • Loving Your Lady
  • Four Hundred Women Tell Me Their Most Romantic Moments
  • A Crash Course in Etiquette ((Read a sample page)
  • Crash Course, Part 2
  • Raising a Son
  • Qualities of a Gentleman

Portions of my book that are equally important to me.

Learn how to meet the lady of your dreams!